31 Mayıs 2013 Cuma


Last saturday, we were at Wembley, in one of the London’s most important and spectacular stadiums, for the Champions League Final match between two German teams: Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Wembley Stadium, is a national stadium where most of the major sport events take place. The actual stadium is rebuilt with it’s spectacular arch, in the same place of the old one and reopened in 2007 with a capacity of 90000 spectators.

After hopping off from the tube at Wembley Park, it wasn’t like Britain anymore for one day. Announcements in German, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich flags everywhere and  Germans everywhere.

German fans rocked the stadium and created an unforgettable atmosphere beside the first class football match and we really enjoyed that night. 

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  1. Şirine'yle Şirin; kırmızı fonda ne kadar hoş olmuşsunuz öyle kuzum ;)

  2. Sağol Depresif Ayucuğum. O senin şirinliğin kuzum :) !


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